Bosch’ Astrologisch Genootschap

Welkom op de site van het Bosch’  Astrologisch Genootschap.

Het Bosch’ Astrologisch Genootschap organiseert regelmatig workshops op zaterdagmiddag  (meestal  op de tweede zaterdag van de maand) op diverse locatie in en rond Den Bosch. Deze lezingen en/of workshops organiseren we voor geïnteresseerden in de astrologie en aanverwante vakgebieden. Kijk bij het programma voor de eerstvolgende workshop! De entree bedraagt €25,00 voor niet-leden. Toegang is gratis voor leden. Behalve voor de overdracht kennis is er veel ruimte om elkaar als astrologen te ontmoeten onder het genot van hapje en een drankje.

Voor meer informatie over het programma en  het lidmaatschap bel Oscar Hofman: 0183-649405.Related: apartments that accept rhino deposit, george burrill, ph ‘d, attorney grievance commission of maryland, detective larry pinkerton, oak grove, mo police scanner, does amaro need to be refrigerated, margaret stafford obituary, livingston parish property tax payment, hello mario copypasta, nipt wrong gender 2022, how to unlock antorus the burning throne, who can beat batman in hand to hand combat, hot picture ideas to send your boyfriend, jobs and hope wv transition agents, irs special agent hiring process,Related: amerikkka rhythm and flow, how to refund channel points on twitch as mod, dr sandra lee assistant kristi, chris woods augusta high school, motion to vacate renewal of judgment california, club level at lumen field, kellogg materiality assessment, gourmia air fryer instruction manual, bible verses to destroy evil plans kjv, texas tech occupational therapy acceptance rate, brittany oakley daughter of berry oakley, steve kidnaps tony fanfiction, what is the function of water in acetaminophen synthesis, pseudoglutamicibacter cumminsii treatment, where is the arch of baal now 2021,Related: mckinlay funeral home blenheim obituaries, lewisgale patient portal sign in, when we were young concert 2022, ai fiori vegetarian tasting menu, good morning bible verses images, abandoned house tallington, draining a thrombosed hemorrhoid yourself, is bleached tripe healthy, hidden gruffalo in superworm, charlie weis daughter, florence county arrests, richard mcmillan obituary, what happened to duane from american hot rod, walnut slat wall panels, grace community church staff,Related: session 1 reading passages answer key, shannon jordan realtree age, person crying in dream islamic, what is the average height of a freshman boy, is scopulariopsis dangerous, vfs spain visa appointment manchester, stackner cabaret schedule, who played ike clanton in tombstone, lucasville valley athletics, brian christopher lawler obituary, average 100m sprint time for 14 year olds, twilight fanfiction bella and tanya are mates, who does chris kavanagh support, what happens after arizona gets custody of sophia, van kirk funeral home corbin, ky obituaries,Related: sunderland police news, land ocean jalapeno martini recipe, college dorm mold lawsuit, mika brzezinski children, hank baskett sr obituary, james carter referee salary, used achilles inflatable boats for sale, awakenings 2023 amsterdam, sia results checker, jaime osuna psychology, bird flight suit sewing pattern, dr jonathan wright on the covid vaccine, blair kinghorn parents, texto usando can y can’t, how to disable sensitivity labels in outlook,Related: brittle star class, neighborhood names for hay day, platinum jubilee loving cup, prometheus statefulset vs deployment, prince of granada imprisoned, what does the bible say about shaving your legs, is paul dejong cross eyed, the wounded deer elements and principles, uber goals and objectives, air force technical sergeant shelly kelly, shooting in garland county arkansas, morgan wallace singer, the social dilemma transcript with timestamps, best country to live with autistic child, biddeford maine crime news,Related: income based apartments in newton, iowa, matt marcus courtney marcus, ryan carter wife, motorcycle accident last night dfw, fayette county indictments 2022, how to make boxed scalloped potatoes better, saputo family tree, why did ngo dinh diem refused to hold elections, bungee fitness equipment for home, altair irvine clubhouse, lasham gliding competition, what states have direct access for occupational therapy, buddy holly crash, tim howard teeth 2020, don hanna marching contest results 2021,